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Eating is a powerful action that bridges the landfarmer, cook, and food together. It acts as a cultural bridge that unites people and holds the power to initiate significant social and economic change, and we believe that our participation in this system matters.


There is a common misconception that healthy food must be expensive, and because of this, not available to all. We disagree and stand by our fundamental belief that consumers deserve transparent, nourishing foods at affordable prices. Food must enrich, empower, and nourish from within, and recent scientific discoveries have proven that the majority of human neurotransmitters are produced in the gut; a happy gut leads to a happy life!


Healthy Indulgence is yours: your kitchen, your bakery, your longevity corner. We offer safe, transparent, and affordable food for all and strive to bring awareness to forgotten ancient ingredients, recipes, and techniques. We promote healthy food from the ground up as healthy soil produces healthy crops, which in turn promote healthy lives. Our ingredients come from our partners; small organic farms that leverage sustainable farming techniques.


Sharing and giving back are core principles that we live by. Healthy Indulgence implements an earth friendly philosophy in all aspects of our operations and supports non-profit organizations that are actively involved in promoting sustainable local and global economies. We use compostable and biodegradable materials and minimize food waste.


We look forward to meeting you at your bakery! And remember, you are what you eat, and your health is your wealth! Come say Hi!

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