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Image by Михаил Павленко
give back

We are passionate about caring for our planet and all the little furry (and not furry) creatures on it! Learn more about the nonprofit foundations that Hi Bakery helps support below.

Kiss The Ground logo

Kiss the Ground is a California-based nonprofit working to regenerate land and reverse climate change through rebuilding healthy soil. It creates educational media, campaigns, and curriculum to raise awareness and empower individuals to purchase food that support healthy soils and a balanced climate. Kiss the Ground also work with farmers, educators, NGOs, scientists, students, and policymakers to advocate for regenerative agriculture, and help drive brands and businesses to develop more sustainable supply chains worldwide.

The full-length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson, Kiss the Ground, sheds light on a “new, old approach” to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.

Kiss The Ground documentary movie poster
United Animal Rescue logo
United Animal Rescue image of website homepage

United Animal Rescue is a nonprofit working to save animals in Brazil. They chose to focus on Brazil as it has one of the world's largest economies yet one of the weakest animal protection legislations, and with approximately 32 million animals without a home, it has the second highest stray animal population in the world.

UAR is very active, saving an average of 12 animals per day. Last year, they donated roughly 50,000 pounds of pet food, distributed thousands of vaccines and paid for over 1,000 castrations. In spring 2021, they built an animal sanctuary in the city of Salvador-Bahia, Brazil which can house 250+ debilitated, injured, and healthy animals. In this sanctuary, they provide youth animal education, medical care, adoption services, and if needed, a permanent home.

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